Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.7)

2011-06-29 17.47.12 by prajaline
2011-06-29 17.47.12, a photo by prajaline on Flickr.

I've said before that I love real stories, and both of these are just that!

Human Smoke is a rather disturbing view into the world before WWII. Things I never thought I would hear about people I thought I knew from my history books are in here. Did you know that a president's wife wrote letters about how she didn't want to attend a party because there would be Jewish people there? Neither did I....and this book has that letter. It is odd to have your view of something adjusted like this book can do to you.

Conduct Under Fire is a bit different, it is about WWII from the view of the doctors that had been in Asia when war broke out....doctors that were then captured and held for the duration of the war. What they went through. What they had to do to survive. It is all in here, and since it is written by the son of one of the doctors, it is in fascinating detail.

Now, I'm not the only one that read these in my family. When B was born and spent five weeks in the NICU, my brother read both of these and he found them as fascinating and great as I did.

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