Monday, June 27, 2011

Christmas in June!

So, I've had my mail stopped for two weeks now since I haven't been home, and apparently this is when all the packages I've been waiting on decided to come in! 
How could I not be happy with all this!  
I started with this one!  It was the biggest and most curious because I didn't recognize the shipping address.  It was the yarn I won from Knitting Today!'s Giveaway Friday thing from their facebook page.  FIVE skeins of worsted in the prettiest shade of ecru-y/white!  
The second is this Etsy order from Yarntopia is called tencel yarn, something I've never worked with but I love the feel of it!  And that sheen WITH the color combo of pink & grey!  Die!
Another Etsy order, this one is from Dyed Fiber, some is cotton, some tencel....all of it is great!  These will be doilies soon.  I'm excited!  Imagine that blue against a red background in a black frame...or the white/pink combos against black in a white frame....
And of course, I have an order from Sunflower Yarns!  This is Like Buttah and will be a Critron Shawl for Amanda's Shawl-A-Long on Rav.  And that fabric piece?  That would be a new pattern holder!  I'm in love with this idea from Madbird, and this print was special for Sunflower Yarns only, so it is even more special!
The last package was from Susannah and was what I won from the giveaway over on All Things Chula.  How adorable is this headband?!?!  And now that my hair is shorter, I def need this bad boy!  And how cute is the card it is on?!?!  I totally look up to this girl when it comes to how she packages things...I mean, she stamped the envelope with the cutest stamps. this card is gorg, and her business cards make me envious! 

And finally....I turned to the card from my ldb, Camille!  This girl is just the best.  She and I were destined to be friends!  I'm just sure of it.....inside the card was this
A DREAM CATCHER!  I *love* them!  My mom's family has Cherokee Indian roots so I was raised with things like this.  I have a huge one above my headboard, and this guy will probably find a home hanging from my mirror in my Jeep (you know, if I ever get it back!)

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  1. "hi, my name's andrea and i'm a yarn-a-holic!" hahahha that skein that's orangey/pink is so delicious i almost licked my computer! so i'm working on you another package and am just waiting to put your etsy order in that...i know that's horrible, i'll send it tomorrow if you need it asap!


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