Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can you guess what this is....?

It is something I'm obsessed with.  Something I am quite enamored with.  And something that is related my Elroy....

It is a sleeping kitten that decided to make my boooooobies a bed this evening at the farm.  This little one, I finally figured out, belongs to Bleach Spot who is Elroy's sister.  Get ready to die from the cuteness going on here...These pictures don't do any justice at all to the color of it's eyes; they're like butterflies mixed with marble mixed with the deepest blue of the ocean. 

And she/he (it is too early to tell what it is still...) has the best little mustache shaped color on it's nose.  I'm seriously in love.


  1. um. i'm gonna need you to ship that cute thing down here asap please.

  2. thanks for playing along in my blog party!!! dont forget there was more giveaways then just susannahs! they are open till sunday! Im following you now!


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