Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.6)

I promised a craft book here you go!  These are the three books that I have in my craft bag at all times. 

Crochet: The Complete Guide is my go-to crochet book.  I have a few "teacher" books, but this one is so...well, complete.  It discusses yarns, hooks, and patterns.  I appreciate that nearly every design is written and charted.  I like both ways to read a pattern, but having access to both is a huge help to visualizing the actual stitch/pattern.  This really is my #1 recommendation when it comes to the question of "where do I start?"  It is rare that I come along something in a pattern or project that isn't in here if I need help on it.  I really do love this book.

Ripples for Babies and Knitting Stitches are both Leisure Arts books.  I love Leisure Arts books because they are so cheap yet sooooo full of information!  These babies were literally $3.50 each!  If you have ever priced craft books, you *know* that is a great price!  Ripples for Babies was the first true crochet pattern book that I bought.  I like this one because the patterns are for baby blankets, they are great size to really teach yourself a pattern/stitch but are not so big that you get discouraged when you're just starting out like I am.  Knitting Stitches is one that doesn't get opened that often, but I do use it when I feel like knitting something random.  I've been knitting a lot longer than I've been crocheting, but I know more in crochet than knitting, so I've been trying to expand my knowledge in that department, and this book certainly helps me with that!

....and as an extra, here is the cover to my pattern note book.  I found these notebooks in the clearance aisle at WalMart, they come in black and white so that you can color them in, and I'm a sucker for coloring anything!

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