Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Jeep is a tough cookie!

A little back story.....The day I picked up my baby, a 2007 Jeep Patriot, I had to go through construction on the way back home....that construction involved loose stones on the road.  One of those stones ended up getting kicked up and nicking my windshield.  Well, when I went to the "down-home" guy dad sent me to first, he managed to make the nick a crack.  That crack didn't expand for the longest time, that is until we hit 90 degrees!  For the last few really hot days the crack went from about two inches to well over six inches big.  I knew I had to get it fixed, so one very crazy, teary phone call to dad got me the funds to have it fixed thankfully!  (I really do have the best daddy in the whole world!)

Well, that appointment finally came today!  Yay!  I took it to a shop I was comfortable with, one that gave me a lifetime warranty, nice people, etc.  Everything was going great!  I got there early and they took my Jeep back early, it was done in a good amount of time....and then drama.  There was one customer that was walking around (he'd obviously been there for a while and was restless) and kind of pacing.  No biggie to me, I was crocheting on Camille's apron, I had totally shut off my brain to the outside world.  Well, I heard him kind of make a sound so I looked up, and he looked at me and asked, "Hey, are you the one in a red Jeep?"  Um.  Yes?  "He just hit that white thing with your Jeep".  My first reaction?  I kept crocheting and chuckled with, "You're joking, right?"  I seriously thought he was joshing me because he was bored and I totally didn't think my Jeep would have already been done!  Anywhooo, I finally kind of believed him after he read off part of my license plate so I put away the crochet, sat there for a second to collect my thoughts before I got up to go outside.  Thankfully, the other customer walked with me a ways, when I saw the corner of my Jeep had a....moment?  I needed someone, anyone, there with me.  I hadn't even noticed the pole that he hit on my way to my Jeep....this is a white pole, with red paint on it.  Red paint from my Jeep....
Now, this is what I saw on my Jeep.....
Two fun little facts that I found out when I was researching these Jeeps before I settled on this one?  1 - This color red is a specialty Jeep color.  I had to pay extra for it, even on a Jeep that is 4 years old!  2 - The lights and side panels are the most expensive to replace on a Jeep.  Bumpers?  They're not cheap either.  Those pieces get replaced most often on the body due to what people put their Jeeps through. 

The managers were super nice though.  I laughed the whole time once I got over the shock.  I repeatedly said that accidents happen and that the guy that did it needed to stop stressing!  They're taking care of paying for it to be repaired at the local dealership which is nice, and they didn't charge me for the windshield which was super nice!  The one manager got even nicer when I explained that I wasn't working and was going to have to have family pay for the windshield to begin with.  Tomorrow, I get to go get an estimate to fax over to the manager guy so they know the costs then I get my Jeep fixed.  :) 

Hope everyone had a less stressful day than me!  haha

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  1. at least they handled it well! that's dang good customer service!


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