Thursday, May 5, 2011

It is my birthday, and I'll *GIVE* stuff if I want to!

So far today I've picked up breakfast for my old boss/close friend and took it to her at her new job.  I bought stuff for my swap with one of gals on Ravelry.  Oh, yeah, and I also picked up some stuff for a little package to be sent to Camille!  She and I have quickly become long distance besties!  I just love her attitude towards just about everything in life, she has the positivity towards things that I wish I had most days!  Everything I packed up for her quite literally made me chuckle a little bit and think of her so I hope she loves it all!!  I took a picture of everything before I sealed the box (but, sorry, I totally forgot to write a note to put inside!  haha!)
Wait, what?  You actually thought I was going to show you what I sent?  hahahaha I'm *NOT* ruining that surprise! 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLY!!!! Camille is going to be bombarded with great packages in a few days! I'm sending mine out tomorrow for our handmade swap.

    And uh, you live 3 hours away from me. Let's meet up sometime! I feel we would have a great time!

  2. if you and haley meet up i'm totally driving up there! and dangit i wanted a peek! :)


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