Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.1)

The Mitford Sisters fascinate me for some reason.  I think I'm amazed because for all of their closeness, they have issues, they have heavily disagreeing view points on some major issues....yet, they are still sisters.  In the Mitford family there were 6 girls and 1 boy spaced out over a very large window of time.  

The Pursuit of Love & Love in a Cold Climate is written by Nancy Mitford.  She was one of a few of authors from the family.  This book is also the one that opened my eyes to the Mitford family since she draws heavily from them when writing the characters.  I went through a time where I wanted nothing but vintage books, and that's when I picked this one up.  If you like romance, if you like family stories, if you like the romanticism of writers from the early 1900's then definitely pick this one up!

Wait for Me! is a dear favorite of mine as it is written by one of the youngest sisters, Deborah; being the youngest myself, I can relate to quite a bit about her younger years!  She later became a duchess, and seriously, who doesn't want to be some type of royalty as a little girl?  She also ended up with close ties to "American Royalty" the Kennedy's.  A true autobiography, you really see how she felt about some of the more important times in her family -- her sister's attempted suicide, a sister running away from home to Spain to be married in secret, etc.

The Mitfords: Letters Between Sisters is a collection of letters from the sisters that is edited by one of their granddaughters.  She pulled together a very concise collection of them, again, a lot of them coming from the highly important times in their lives.  I adore this book because I can pick it up and put it down whenever I choose because the letters are broken up into sets that go along with the major milestones in the girls' lives.  

I *LOVE* the family even through all of the turmoil; I mean seriously, two stopped speaking for the rest of their lives because of differing political viewpoints....I highly recommend any of these if you like drama, family, love, and so much more!

oh!  And I just have to share what I had for lunch!  Camille will get a kick out of this! haha


  1. ohmygosh chickfila! and i just figured out how to check my blogger messages!

  2. I am always loving a good book, I'll check out these suggestions!


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