Thursday, May 5, 2011

This is why she's my friend. :)

Sooooo my mail just came, and I could see the new gal trying to force the mail into my tiny mailbox, and I thought, Seriously...maybe there's a birthday card in there that you're folding all up and that doesn't make me happy.  Well, there wasn't a birthday card, and at least no bills either, no biggie!  I'm good without all that stuff....but then she came back.  With a bag.  And dropped it by my door.  What!?!?

It is from CAMILLE!  I just love that I've been able to 'meet' her, she really is the best!  I knew the yarn was coming, but not all the rest!!! 
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  LOVE!  (please ignore the rumpled blanket in the back.....this is my couch blanket that is filthy!  haha)
This yarn is soooo fun!  And it sparkles!  Must.Find.Project!
Now this picture makes me laugh and tear up a bit.  This cameo pin is one I saw a million days ago on Camille's Etsy in a set of other pins/broaches.  Well, one day that whole set came down, so I sent a tweet asking about it and she said she would have to look for it...well she found it!  And guess what it is on!  A crochet chain!  I'm soooo proud of her and what she's teaching herself with crochet!

(isn't my guard kitty cute!  this is how he stands when I have just the store door open....)


  1. awww yay! i'm so glad you liked it! that crochet string thing was the first thing ever to come off my hook! and you know i don't do borring white so i dyed it! and the pin is from my grandma's collection...i was planning on sending you one anyway the day you had to go to your grandma's but didn't get it out til now! that's why i originally took it off etsy! then you asked about it a day later...weird! :) <3

  2. And what you said makes everything that much more special! <3!

  3. Mannn what a sweet girl that Camille is! :) So this may have been covered about 500 times, but when are we supposed to send the books?


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