Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crocheting away!

After I finished up the swap gifts, I took a little break from crochet, knit, all of it.  Well, on my mini trip I took my bag with me and did one whole round!  haha, not much, but it was something.  So, I'm still working on that second panel.  I WILL get it done at some point!  I'm sure of it! 

This evening I've been working on Camille's apron for work.  I found the most adorable apron pattern that shouldn't take me too long to complete, but it is all single crochet and I tend to go cross-eyed after a few rows if I don't have a break every now and then.

I've also got to find something for the second swap I'm a part of.  This is the one that I kinda took over.  It has a project piece that uses over 400 yards of something.  That sounds like a lot, but it really isn't.  That bag I'm making called for over 600 I think, so that isn't the daunting aspect.  I want to make something really beautiful.  My swap partner is the sweetest gal and I already adore her to pieces!  She's getting married on June 25th so I would like to have the package mailed out to her asap so that it gets to her before she gets married, but I don't know if that will happen.  I've been thinking of making my first shawl for the swap but I can't find one that really jumps out at me and really says "Make Me Now!"  I keep looking though.  I think I have something like 60 or so shawls saved in my favorites queue on Rav so I keep flipping through them.  I will find something.  I will.  I don't have a choice!  The best part is that if I do a shawl, you *know* that I will have to buy some yarn because everything I have right now is spoken for....well, maybe I can use the silver/gray from Sunflower Yarns, but that is a wool  Decisions.  Decisions. 

Oh!  And I'm still working on my non-baby baby blanket every once in a while.  Just not as often as I would like. 

Pictures soon!  :)

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  1. ahhhhhhh! i'm so excited about my apron! and you are crazy, 400 yards sounds like a football field! (or four!)


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