Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.2)

Cookbook Edition!  

These are my top three most used cookbooks!  They have a prominent place on my shelf and where I can grab them quite easily!

Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book is a huge amount of information!  It isn't just about recipes, it is about how to cook various meats, what each piece of meat really comes from.  It has true, honest to goodness, old fashioned, down home cooking tips!  This isn't one of the original ones, it is the reprint of the 1950 edition, it is just like the one that my grandma got when she was young and a newlywed! 

The Happy Baker is a new addition to my collection.  I literally picked it up on a midnight Kroger trip when I was hunting for cookies.  This book has this as a note on the front: A girl's guide to emotional baking.  When I showed it to my sister, she said she was glad I finally wrote a book!  haha, I just adore this book!  It has recipes named things like I Need a Real Man Maple Pumpkin Pie and Bite My Peanut Brittle Bi-atch!  And, to go along with the fantastic recipes, there are HI-larious stories!  I almost peed my pants from laughing while reading them!

101 Cookie Recipes is my go-to cookie book.  It has the BEST peanut butter cookie recipe in it that I have perfected over the many years that I have had this book.  I got it while I was still in high school and have used it many times each year since!  It really is my go-to book when I have to make something for a carry-in and just about anything else!!

While all of these are great books and they are each nearly priceless to me, there is one that trumps them all.  I mean, quite literally if my apartment were burning, I would save this before I saved some other things....

THIS is my recipe binder.  I have handwritten recipes from my grandmothers, my mother, my sister-in-law, friends, everyone!  And, they're all in here.  If I find a recipe on the back of the butter tub that sounds interesting, it gets written in here!  I've gotten it pretty full, and am looking for a bigger one, but no such luck yet....for now I just keep doubling and tripling up the the cards in each pocket.  When I get married, if I have bridal shower I want a recipe shower instead!  Everyone brings a recipe that they love, and all of those will go in here too!  At some point, if I can't find a bigger binder, I will probably have to go to a card holder, but that day isn't here yet :)

Happy cooking and baking!

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  1. FOOD EVER. like, would never turn one down even if someone spit on it. ahhhhhhhh now i have to come up there so you can make me some!!


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