Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dear Heather.....

We miss you.  I still have moments every now and then when I almost reach for the phone to text you something funny and then remember you're gone.  Even after two and a half years.  These moments, though, seem to happen more often around this time of year.  You're birthday was supposed to be today, you would have been 26.  The catch up day to me; don't forget to respect your elders!  haha
I spent this weekend out of town with Tuesday, you totally would have come with us!  We had a blast but you were on our minds.  We even sang you "Happy Birthday" at midnight, because well, you know how much Tues likes to sing "Happy Birthday" to people!  And, last night at the casino, I had a Tom Collins for you and threw some money away into a slot machine, then today I won some back, and I know that was you.  :)  
Well, there is about 15 minutes left of your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY chick-a-dee!!!

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