Monday, April 1, 2013

...and we're back!

I had an incredible month away but I'm so glad to be back.  I kept up with my fast of social media with the one exception of a photo that just HAD to be posted to facebook.  I will write more later about all that happened, if I decide to - right now I kinda want to keep it all to myself.  I didn't do this to go have a great month and then share, I did this to prove to myself that I didn't have to post every single tiny thing, thought, emotion for the entire world to see.  Just because it didn't get put online doesn't mean it didn't happen.  I don't know.... Anyways, here is a peek at my goals and how I fared :)

1 - Figure out new packaging for Scarlett Key, this included all types of rebranding the shop.  I'm looking into some great ideas, and I can't wait to make a decision and take the steps to make it possible.  I need a cohesiveness when it comes to my shop, I need a brand even though it is a small business it is my business and I want to present the best side of it at all times.  < - > I did this.  I made some serious decisions.  I'm not totally rebranding the shop, just making some changes here and there.  The addition of a key stamp to a few more places to make that tie-in with my name.  How I'm packaging mail orders has changed.  My stationary has changed a little bit.  All steps in the right direct if I do say so myself.

2 - Finish at least one of each new product in as many colors as possible.  < - > Yeah, this didn't happen.  I got a good bit done, but not anywhere near what I would like to get done.  The new pieces will be added to the shop soon.  Most likely with in the week or so.

3 - Finish all duplicates of current products.  When it comes to my bows and such, my goal is to have at least two of them made at all times.  I also want to streamline the ordering process for these as well.  That means the final decision on keeping them as individual listings or make them a group listing with a color selection at checkout.  < - > I didn't finish any new pieces from old patterns, but that's ok.  I have a while before they're needed for shows.  As for deciding on how to streamline ordering, I think I will keep it the way it is for now.  When I finish more pieces, I will streamline it as I go.  i.e. - bows at one time, purses at another, etc.

4 - Make a list of shows that I want to be a part of and gather all applications for them.  < - > This didn't happen, but I already have been contacted about coming back to shows this year.  I'm excited and thrilled to be asked back!!

5 - Get out all display items, inventory, brainstorm ideas, create a visual, and update anything if needed.  < - > Done!  haha  I had my dad help build me the stand for my future business card holder, I just need to build a basket to hold them.  The only other thing that I need to build is a ring holder (hello, and thank you to Pinterest for the idea floating around in my head...).  I'm also going to gather some vintage sheets or something similarly pretty for the sides of my booth when I'm outside.  I have so many pretty visions in my head!

6 - Get and keep inventory sheets up-to-date.  < - > Done!  I've been really good about this!

7 - Get my show bag ready.  < - > Done!  Jamie got me the cutest Thirty-One purse for Christmas that has Scarlett Key on it and I just love it so so so much.  I seriously can't wait to walk into my first show carrying it.

8 - Get all unused items out of my room and to Goodwill.  < - > Done!  Mom and I cleaned a BUNCH of stuff out of the house and I feel a million times better!

9 - Present and decide with dad on the horseshoe items.  < - > I didn't do this, daddy has had a rough month so I took it easy on him :)

10 - Put in at least three miles on the trail each day off.  The only exception to this will be days with rain and/or snow or below 40 degrees.  < - > DONE!!!  This is by far my most happy goal on here!!!  I might have missed one day of over 40 days off on the trail, but I did hit over 10 miles most weeks!  We had a serious snow storm for a few days and that kept me away.  But, to make up for it, there were some seriously cold days out there and I still went!  I'm so insanely proud of myself. 

Oh!  And I know I'm late on this, but did you hear that Google Reader is going be leaving us this summer?  I have already set up this little blog on BlogLovin', all you gotta do is click that link over on the top right (see the Eiffel Tower?) and it will get you there, just hit the blue follow button on that screen!  :)

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