Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goals Update!

This was the first month that I set up goals for the month and I kinda failed horribly at them.  haha, just look and see.

 1 - Make a complete list of all my unfinished projects and get them organized into a way that will make them easier to finish.  A COMPLETE LIST.  (not gonna lie, this one scares me a bit.) < - > I did make a list.  I have a page for each of them in one of my journals, and the list above that I updated once already.  It wasn't as much as I thought it was going to be.  The list of what has been started isn't long, the list of ideas goes on for pages in my journal haha

2 - Get my Rav page updated with my Sunflower Yarn collection. 
I didn't realize how much I had accumulated right before Amanda closed the shop until the other day when I separated it out and it filled an entire milk crate....and that was just the stuff I picked up since like November. < - > I didn't get this updated but I also haven't gotten into my yarn, like, at all this month.  I didn't craft much that needed stored yarn. 

3 - Finish and list all new shop products.  This includes the one embroidery piece, the purse half done, new thread pieces, new clutches, and listing the ear warmers finally. < - > I didn't get anything new listed, but I did do a post about the infinity scarf that will be added as a custom item.

4 - Get all my display stuff stored upstairs until next year and make any plans to upgrade/change any of it. < - > I didn't get things store upstairs as I've been in and out of the bins frequently lately working and updating pieces.  I've gotten a list started of all the items I want to pick up or change for this coming year.  Mainly it is about branding and bringing a sense of cohesiveness to the spaces that I rent for shows.

5 - Finish reading The Summer Garden and Dingley Falls. < - > I read a few more chapters of The Summer Garden, but that is it for book reading.  I did read a few magazines out of my massive stack that has been building up though!  haha

See?  I told you that I didn't do great on them.  Oh well, I'm taking the month of March off from everything so that I can get caught up on things but I still made a goal list! 

1 - Figure out new packaging for Scarlett Key, this included all types of rebranding the shop.  I'm looking into some great ideas, and I can't wait to make a decision and take the steps to make it possible.  I need a cohesiveness when it comes to my shop, I need a brand even though it is a small business it is my business and I want to present the best side of it at all times. 

2 - Finish at least one of each new product in as many colors as possible. 

3 - Finish all duplicates of current products.  When it comes to my bows and such, my goal is to have at least two of them made at all times.  I also want to streamline the ordering process for these as well.  That means the final decision on keeping them as individual listings or make them a group listing with a color selection at checkout.  Any ideas or thoughts on this are greatly appreciated!  haha

4 - Make a list of shows that I want to be a part of and gather all applications for them. 

5 - Get out all display items, inventory, brainstorm ideas, create a visual, and update anything if needed. 

6 - Get and keep inventory sheets up-to-date. 

7 - Get my show bag ready. 

8 - Get all unused items out of my room and to Goodwill. 

9 - Present and decide with dad on the horseshoe items.   

10 - Put in at least three miles on the trail each day off.  The only exception to this will be days with rain and/or snow or below 40 degrees. 

If you made it this far, thanks for reading haha  I can't wait to just be creative this month without worrying about blogging this or that, tweeting, facebooking.  I'm slightly terrified that it will affect my shop in a negative way, but I need this time to come back better than ever so I hope that it will show :)  See y'all in March!! 

p.s.--if you need me or want to purchase something I will still have access to my emails, 

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