Friday, February 8, 2013

New Antique Mall!! Woohoo!

You would think that living next to Ohio's VERY FIRST state capital, we would be awash in antiques around these parts....well, you would be wrong.  Don't get me wrong, estate sales and auctions are a fantastic place to pick up one of a kind, truly phenominal pieces...but a standard antique mall full of booths of different vendors and different pieces from all kinds of eras?  We don't really have that.  Until last week.  This place opened up last week but today was the first day that I could get to town and take a look around.  I was not disappointed. 

This early 1920's china cabinet is right by the front door and totally caught my eye, so so so pretty!  And I've been dying for a cabinet since I started my milk glass and depression glass collections!

GAH!  That hand done woodwork!  I am definitely part of my family!  Going back generations, the men in my family have been woodworkers either as a profession or as a hobby. 

haha, I kept trying to take pictures that didn't have me in the reflection.
Vintage linens always catch my eye....look at that crochet work!!

Clean lines, classic finish?  I lust after pieces like this.  I might already own two desks though....haha

HOBNAIL MILK GLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't own these pieces!  I'm totally going back for them!!

These cookoo clocks are so tiny!  Seriously only about six or seven inches tall on the bigger one.  Can you imagine the work that went into these?!?! 
My heart always stops for a second when I see vintage quilts.  I love them.  And that striped border on the top one?  Yeah, that would be individual pieces!!  Too bad someone tried to "fix" it by taking a machine and zig zag stitching all over both of these. 

Such a cute little wagon and more hand pieced, vintage linens.  The horrible part of this picture?  That paper you see but can't see what is written on it?  That says sold :(

I'm so glad I got to go in and plan to go back frequently, especially since the hot guy working the cash register said that he is already prepping more booths for more pretties :) 

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