Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Today, I want to write but don't care to share what is really going on in my life without a little prompting....so I'm stealing from my ldb, Camille :)  (miss you girlie!!!!  Jersey trip as soon as I can get there!)  This is what is called a Currently post where I can share what I am.....

an early morning picture with no makeup and all kinds of shadows that i love so so so much.

Watching:  I have Frasier on just because my tv is almost always turned to Lifetime or the ID channel when I need background noise.  Lifetime was my choice this morning.  So, Frasier it is. 

Drinking: I had an extra sweet tea this morning but I drank it all so I don't have anything right now.... 

Thinking: So much!  My new boy, my finances, my job, where do I want to go, what do I want to do.  SO.MUCH. 

Planning: How I can meet my new guy (we're currently only texting still, long story! ha!)

Looking Forward To: Life settling down.  For my little shop to be super successful because, well, I just know it will happen someday. 

Reading: On my night stand right now?  The Summer Garden.  Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.  A handful of Vogue magazines.  My Nook that has a million books on it.  Dingley Falls.  And, finally, my always needed, Crochet: The Complete Guide :) 

Making Me Happy: The fact that all my friends are so happy and engaged or having babies!  Elroy stretching out on my legs to fall asleep at night.  Playing ball with Cody for hours on end it feels like.  Spending time with Jamie and B.  B did the cutest thing when I had dinner with them the other day, he sat on my lap and pointed to the letters on my shirt over and over again while I said the sounds.  That kid.  He's got my heart and I'm totally wrapped around his finger!  haha

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