Sunday, April 29, 2012

My weekend....

....has been amazing.  I was so nervous about meeting Camille, but I had no need to worry!  She really is an amazing friend that I'm so blessed to have in my life.

I drove into Jersey on Friday.  The drive was amazing minus almost hitting a deer....less than an hour from home!  I chose to drive through West Virginia and Maryland and Delaware instead of going allllll the way through Pennsylvania.  The mountains scared the bee-jezus out of me!  You were literally driving like 70-80 miles per hour down grades that were steep enough that they had signs up to warn truck drivers.  Seriously.  It is the closest this motion-sickness-prone girl will get to a roller coaster!

From dinner on Friday through thrifting and tattooing today, Camille has been an amaze-balls host!  I always go somewhere for my birthday (with the exception of last year) so this was my little birthday trip for this year.  I couldn't have picked a better spot to come to.  I love visiting new places and I was able to cross a lot of states off my list with this trip.  I hope she had as much fun running around as I did!

I absolutely fell in love with Philly.  Head over heels in love.  The history.  The art.  The people.  I could live there forever.  The Art Museum was all kinds of awesome.

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