Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Well that was fun.

I was really thinking that moving the first load of stuff to the farm today was going to suck.  Well, it kinda did, but for 90% of the day, my mom was making me laugh and being super helpful which made it a million times easier.  We got my furniture situation figured out.  I get to keep my couch, which was a HUGE thing for me!  I love this couch!!!!!  My whole goal at this point is to make it a good thing for Elroy.  I'm trying to make it so that he doesn't even stress about not coming back.  Side note, he's having a blast playing in the empty boxes all over the place!  But, he will be going from having the fun of my whole apartment to having the run of a single bedroom.  I can't have him in the main part of the house because my dad's dog, Katie, hates cats.  Like, super hates them.  She chases them outside and since she doesn't get disciplined by anyone she respects, she thinks she can do it with El too.  On that note, I've been watching this random show on Animal Planet, this guy is basically a cat whisperer and shows how to organize spaces so that you play into a cat's natural instinct like how they feel the need to be as high up as possible, how they need to be fed in a protected space, etc.  I'm trying to incorporate as much as I can from what I've learned from that show. 

Today, I moved my big yarn stash, some end tables (how I have accumulated SEVEN end tables boggles my mind!), some of my pictures (my apartment looks so bare without them!), and some other random knick knacks.  At the farm, we moved my one dresser upstairs and most of my bed that was in my room.  I should add in here that I have two sets of nearly everything.  I have one bedroom set here at the apartment, and one at the farm.  I have a sewing machine here, and I have two there - but one is a 1914 treadle Singer that needs repaired, which I will be working on.  Tomorrow is for doing laundry and dishes, and as they're done I will be packing them up.  Pretty much all my clothes are hung up so those will just go from one closet to another.  My front closet is pretty much packed up, I literally move those boxes from one spot to another.  The only real thing I need to PACK is my two bookshelves.  I still have to move some huge pieces of furniture - my bed, antique dresser, blanket chest, two desks, and a number of other things but thankfully I have an unbelievably supportive set of parents that are helping me through this!  It was kinda funny when mom made the statement, "You know, you've moved into this house three times now....please don't let a 4th time happen."  Sure, momma, I will work on that.

I'm trying very hard, and nearly succeeding most times, to stay positive in all of this.  With that said, I will list the great things about this move.....

1. I get to spend time with my parents.  Let's be honest, neither of my parents are in the best of health, so getting to spend time with them is always a huge high point for me. 
2. I will be only like 20 minutes from B!  For those of you that don't know this, my world revolves around my nephew, Bryce.  He really is one of my absolute favorite things in this world.  Right now, I'm over an hour away from him and don't see him near as often as I would like!
3. I will be a little more financially secure.  I'm going to be honest in saying that I have no clue how I'm going to pay some bills each month, but I know that my parents are able to help and I'm so unbelievably grateful for that fact.  I *know* it could a million bazillion times worse.
4. I will, hopefully, be able to go back to school!  I lust after a degree and an education.  I am hoping that once I'm settled a little bit, I will be able to go back to school now that they've opened up some more grants!
5. I will be close to my favorite boys.  And, no, I'm not talking about my family.  I grew up with guys that I've literally known since I was 5!  I miss those boys!  I'm super pumped to be closer to them and my roots!  I am definitely a country girl at heart.  (and, yes, Camille, I will be realllllly close to J too!)
6. I will be able to really get my hands into some serious crafts!  My dad has a work shop in the garage, like full on wood, saws, tools, the whole nine yards!  And my parents are super supportive of this habit of mine so they tend to let me run wild. 
7. Finally, I will be with my beloved Cody and Bryant and Maximus.  My four-legged, annoying, loving fur babies.  Those dogs make me happier than most things in this world and I'm so happy to be reunited with them!

On a more somber note, the sister of one of my childhood friends is very sick and at 23 weeks she has to deliver her baby to a very uncertain future.  The baby is only about 9 ounces right now.  I'm extremely aware of how amazing the miracles doctors can work, but I'm also very realistic.  Please, please, please, keep Katie and baby Max in your thoughts and prayers, they could really use it. 

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  1. praying for that sweet baby and his mama. glad the move's going okay, email me with updates when you get a spare moment! i'm SOOOO proud of you for staying positive through all of this missy :) <3 you! talk to you soon!


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