Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quick little post....

Hello!  I have a general update due tomorrow and then my first 12n12 post!  I made my crochet square yesterday and it came out really cute!  I'm excited to share!!

Anyway, I just wanted to post these two songs that have been on repeat in my head for days now!  They each have some lyrics that hit me hard this week for whatever reason....

"Sadness has me at the end of the line, 
Helpless watched you break this heart of mine, 
And loneliness only wants you back here with me, 
Common sense knows you're not good enough for me...."

"Trying to live and love,
With a heart that can't be broken, 
Is like trying to see the light with eyes that can't be opened,
Yeah, we both carry baggage, 
We picked up on our way, so if you love me do it gently,
And I will do the same..."

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