Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello, my name is Andrea and I.....

....Have an obsession of colorful crafty tools.  Perfect example?  My knitting needle know, the newer one - I should note here that I have three knitting needle holders & two crochet hook holders.  I've grown my collection that started with the ones I learned on that my grandma gave me (most of those are tucked away somewhere safe), then my mom gave me some to fill in the gaps, and, finally, I have gotten a BUNCH from estate auctions.  The perks of going to auctions around the farm is that the women made a lot of stuff at home which translates to being able to get antique crafty bits!  I bought a stool once that had a storage bin in it full of knitting needles, vintage tape measures, reallllly old needle books full of sharps, etc!  I was in heaven going through it all!  And I only spent a DOLLAR on it!  Auctions are the best!

I digress though....I have decided that I need to learn more knitting stuff.  I have the knit/purl stitch down (though I still do them backwards) but I would like to learn cables and different stitches that just are not available in crochet.  Well, I opened the holder I keep in my travel bag and fell in love with all the colors all over again!  I mean, seriously, how cute is all of this?

I've tried to keep at least one set of the main sizes in this holder so they go from 1's to 10's or 15's I think....
Colors of the rainbow!!! 
See those green size 8's right there?  Those are the very first knitting needles I ever held and learned on.  And the two sets of wood ones on the left?  Also size 8's - they're my attempt to branch out from the metal knitting needle world.  I also have some acrylic rounds and bamboo dpn's to practice stuff on!

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