Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fall TV!!

Getting lost in tv is a great hobby of mine that I'm afraid to admit sometimes....but....I love it. It is almost as good as movies which are almost as good as books. New fall tv shows are some of my favorite things right now...

2 Broke Girls. When I heard Kat Dennings was going to be on a tv show, I knew I had to watch it. Now I looooove it. Max and Caroline are working to raise money so that they can open a cupcake store. But, they're broke. And Max is in love with a rogue artist that has a girlfriend. And Caroline is the daughter of a swindler a la Madoff and is reallllly broke at this point.

Hart of Dixie. Zoe Hart gets transplanted to Bluebell, LA from New York City after graduating from med school. Random hijinks in southern accents? Yes, please. Add that it is on the CW? Well, that means hot guys without their shirts on. A lot.

Once Upon a Time. Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison in the same show? Um, yes, please. They are two of my favorite small screen actresses from House and Big Love so I knew they would be great in this and I am not wrong. All the back story of bringing fairy tails to life? I really do love that, and not gonna lie, the writers seem to have taken what I imagined when reading fairy tales and put it on the screen.

Grimm. Another fairy tale off-shoot. But, this is more of the dark side of fairy tales. There is a bit of fairy tale following along with pulling out the “bad” stuff and making that part come to the real world. It is about a detective that knows there is a secret world and has to work to make it right by hunting down super bad guys.

These are my top 4 new shows on right now. What do you watch? Have you seen any of these?

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