Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elroyb update, day 9

Sorry I missed Bookworm Wednesday guys!  I spent most of the day with El.

Yesterday ended up being worse than it started out.  I took off for errands around 12, he hadn't eaten much if anything at that point, but I left his food out.  When I got home after 2 the puking started....and lasted until 3-ish.  I'm quite immune to him puking at this point but it is far from pretty when it happens.  When I went to bed around 1230 (I laid in bed with him until like 3 just watching him....) there was still some food left in his bowl.  When I got up at 9, he wasn't really pushing me to wake up, but when I said 'food' he meowed like he was hungry.  There wasn't anything left in his bowl so he must have eaten in the night sometime.  I gave him about 2/3rds of his normal amount of food which he promtply ate.  Good sign!  Then we curled up on the couch and I fell back asleep (more on that later....) until like 1.  That put a huge wrench in my to-do list plans!  Anyways, he was meowing around 230 for food so I gave him a little bit.  Around 615/630 he really started meowing for food like normal so I gave him a full scoop of dry food (what he would normally get in the morning) instead of canned food since this was my test day on if that's making him sick.  The test will be tomorrow.  If he's funky and sick tomorrow then I'm not sold on the canned-food-is-bad thing.  However - he hasn't gone potty today.  At all.  So, if he eats, but isn't going potty, what's the issue?  I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow....

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