Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday!

Better late than never right?  :)

Alright.  Imagine you are a mom.  Imagine you are a mom with some dibilitating psychological issues.  Now..imagine your children become best-selling authors writing about how you raised them.  How would you react?  How would reflect on those years?  Would you feel the need to write your own book?  Well, Margaret Robison, the mother of Augusten Buroughs & John Elder Robison, did....and her book is moving and unbelievably heartbreaking & almost beautiful at the same time.  It is quite haunting.  And, as someone that has been "manic depressive" for years, this book touched a chord I wasn't expecting it to.

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  1. this another book that sounds amazing! i'm reading the other one you gave me this week! oh! and i tried to text you earlier but my phone's being funky :(


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