Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (V.15)

Sometimes I like small books.  As in size - little, short, fat books that I can throw in a purse for whatever waiting time I might have that day (I think this is why I'm drawn to the Nook but I just can't give up my paper & ink quite yet.)

Morgan's Run is written by the same person that wrote The Thorn Birds and The Touch.  If you love romance & a bit of adventure then all of these are for you.  Did you know that Australia was originally populated via British prisoners?  Well, Morgan is just such a guy & gets sent down there.  From her descriptions of the boat trip to the way she explains the plight of the men there, Colleen proves she has a way with words.  And they're words you want to get lost in.

Atonement is all about forgiveness, giving it & not giving it.  I generally don't forgive people for major things,but the characters here have to to move on with their lives....they just don't realize that until after a World War.  Sounds intense?  It kinda is. 

Seducing an Angel is part of a series but the great thing about Mary's series books are that they can all stand alone.  This series is about a family of three (?) girls and a boy that have lost their parents & are struggling to make it until they find they are to inherit a *large* sum of money & titles.  Each book takes on the story of one of the kids....this one is Stephen's story & how he goes after someone that his sisters aren't sure is the right one.  I must admit that when I had my knee surgery a few years ago, I was literally reading one romance novel a day because I couldn't get out of bed, this is how I found this author & I just love her, she's my got-to for quick, trashy romance novels.

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