Thursday, August 4, 2011

You don't even know how great I feel right now....'s hoping that feeling sticks around!  Let me show you some pictures first.....

Say hello to my Citrus Buttahhhh Critron.  My very first fair submission.  It is currently pinned and drying (aka - blocking) and I'm worried sick that it will not dry correctly or something.  I still need to weave in ends but everything I read about blocking said to do that afterwards because of the amount of pulling and stretching involved with that process.  You can kind of see how much it grew during stretching and pinning...I went all the way up to about 33.5 inches across the top!  
Want some fun pictures now?
El was helping me pin...can't do anything without my helper!
I would lay on the couch and stare at this thing from this was wonderful to see it this completed!

I let him guard it for about a minute, then I snatched him up and shut the door so he couldn't get to it!  haha


  1. that's amazing!! and you are BRAVE for letting el get that close to it, i'd be terrified his claws would snag/unravel it!


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