Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Request for assistance!

I'm certain every family has been touched by cancer at one time or another.  My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor but my wish for her was that she didn't have to go through that experience at all....My very dear friend Sarah is doing her part to help by riding in the Pletonia bike ride.  Haven't heard about it?  Neither had I before I saw her talking about it on Facebook one day.  She has actually lost a family member to cancer, to a disease that we all wish there was a cure for...and to help find a cure money needs to be raised.  Quite simply, they need money to be able to help.  Sarah is riding in the 100 mile bike ride in a few days, her goal was $1,800 but she's only at about $400....I hope that I can help her get her page out there to help with donations.  Please tweet this link, re-blog this link, facebook this link...anything you can do to help would be so very greatly appreciated!  Please leave a comment with anything that you've done to pass along the word so that I can show Sarah.  THIS IS THE LINK TO SARAH'S PAGE:

Thank you for reading this and doing anything you can do to help!!!  xo

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