Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A little holiday planning.....

Yep!  I'm already planning for the holidays!  They'll be here before we know it.  And - as an unemployed girl with very little cash flow, I'm most likely going to be making ohhhhh about 99% of the gifts I give.  As odd as it sounds, these are the moments I'm thankful I have a very select (read = tiny) group of friends.  I only exchange gifts with like three friends that I see all the time and I will be shipping to my ldb for sure along with smaller gifts to a few others.  As for family....well when I comes to my parents, I could give them the tiniest thing & a hug and they'd be happy, my brother gets beer (it has become a tradition since I turned 21 :) ), then there's a few others that I will exchange with. 

So, I'm officially on the hunt for ideas.  I looked around the internet today for some things but nothing caught my eye.  I was talking to mom tonight and I kind of decided that I would do better if I could find things to sew since I'm quickest at that than anything else.  It is time to open my mind and let the thoughts flow. 

In other news - I designed a layout for my next quilt top.  These aren't the colors I'm using, just place markers for different fabrics. 

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