Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bookwork Wednesday (v.13)

Not all of my books should I say it.....well, throught provoking.  Sometimes I just need to be distracted from whatever drama is going on in my life, and these books did just that.

The Book of Awesome is, well, awesome!  It is full of all the random things we've been given in life that make us smile.  Unexpected snow days.  That $5 last year's self left for this year's self in a winter coat pocket.  Memories of your family car from you childhood.  Pushing down the buttons on pop lids from restaurants.  See?  You're smiling aren't you?  Haha

My Booky Wook isn't as mindless as I thought it would be, but Russell Brand has a sense of humor about his own life (both the ups & downs) that make me want to view my life the same way.  After reading this autobiography, I'm not sure how a person can't kinda love him, at least a little bit.  I, however, adore him.

Can I share a secret?  One (just one...) of my guilty pleasures of books is Jackie Collins novels.  I eat them up as quickly as I can.  But, I never get them from a library, I only read the ones I buy - and most of them are no longer in print to where I can find see one?  But it for me & I will pay you back!  Haha.....Hollywood Divorces is about just that....divorces.  In Hollywood.  Involving actors & actresses.  It has scandal, sex, drugs....everything I could ask for from a Jackie Collins novel.  LOVE.

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  1. I've been wanting to read My Booky Wook! Maybe it's next on my list. You make me want to read more books every single week!


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