Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scarlett Key

Hey all!  I'm not sure I've put anything on here about my future with Etsy, but I'm going to lay some stuff out here since y'all are my sounding board!!

I've opened an Etsy account under the name Scarlett Key.  I *adore* the name; Scarlett comes from GWTW and skeleton keys are on the top of my favorites list - not kidding, on my necklace that I wear all the time is a skeleton key from my sister-in-law, my bestie bought me big ones for my wall for Christmas, etc.  I opened a gmail account for scarlettkeysales [at] gmail [dot] com.  I will be ordering business cards once I speak to my father seriously about getting a po box/using their farm/etc as the "business" address.  So, hopefully that will happen this coming week.  (random...if you wanna swap business cards once I get them, email me at the "work" email, I'm totally down!)

Now about the Etsy store.....once I get it open (I want to get a second card for my bank account since I don't want it flowing thru my main stuff) I have patterns for all of the following list, let me know what you think, if you have any other ideas that I can hunt for, etc...

1 - Travel Coffee Cup Cozy
2 - Fat Mug Cozy
3 - Fingerless Mittens
4 - Half Apron
5 - Pet Blankets
6 - Baby Blankets
7 - Fancy Doilies (I'm picturing these done in bright colors and mounted on black cardboard in a pretty frame)
8 - Shawls

Those are ranked pretty well in how long each thing takes to make (the quickest starting at #1).  There are a handful of things that I'm not sure how long will take me; fancy clutch, fun clutch from recycled plastic store bags, bookmarks (it really depends on the pattern), etc.....I need ideas girls! :)

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  1. How you have a link to your etsy shop...I would totally "favorite" you! I am so envious of knitting abilities...I am all thumbs when it comes to knitting :)

    Can't wait to see your goodies!

    xx Cat


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