Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.3b)

So, today we didn't have massive, tornado producing, hail slinging, wind jamming storms!  Yay!  Without further ado, here is Bookworm Wednesday v.3....Biography edition!  I love reading about people, especially real people from that love has stemmed a pretty large collection of biographies and non-fiction.

If you follow me on Twitter a week or so ago you would have seen that Camille and I were chatting about Vivien Leigh and how I want a tattoo of inspired by her.  I *adore* her!  I feel in love with the green eyed beauty when I first watched GWTW.  She is a true inspiration to me, she was confident, ballsy, and had no hesitation to go after what she wanted in life.  How could I not look up to that?  I read things about her all the time and have a handful of pictures saved on my hard drive for that tattoo that I will get at some point in my life and this bio by Alexander Walker is one of the best things I've read about her!  I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone that has seen anything this gal starred in!

Jackie After Jack is another inspiring story.  Jackie wasn't going to let her marriage and widowhood while in the White House define her....and she definitely wasn't going to back down to the Kennedy's control her after Jack wasn't in her life anymore.  That is very ballsy to go up against, arguably, the most powerful family in the nation or even the world!

Alice is about Alive Roosevelt Longworth who was a teenager when her father Teddy Roosevelt was in the White House....that teenager became a major power player in Washington.  During her life she was the president's daughter, wife of the Speaker of the House, and lover to the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations how ballsy do you have to be to that girl to those guys?!! 

After looking back at this, everyone of these gals I described as ballsy.  That's how I want to be in life.  Ballsy.  Well, ballsy with a uterus.  :)


  1. i really want a shirt now that says "ballsy with a uterus". and that last book sounds so interesting.

  2. I want to read all 3 now! I did a report on Jack a few years ago and loved learning about Jackie, so that'd be a perfect book for me :)

    & ballsy with a uterus... perfect description of the badass chick you are! Got my thank you card yesterday, that's awesome, I thought I was the only one who sent thank you's anymore!


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