Thursday, April 7, 2011

My two homes

I was thinking this morning that I need to explain something before I get too far into this thing...I have two homes.  Well, I don't own them both, but you will understand in a bit....

This is my parents' farm.  I adore this place but would probably slit my wrists if I had to live there full time again.  They have over 17 acres of beautiful hilly countryside that is home to many wonderful things that hold my heart.  On the farm we have these animals:
~ My three dogs: Cody, Maximus, and Bryant
~ My mom and dad's dogs: Shithead, Winston, Pup, Emma
~ One of my brother's dogs: Bear
~ About a million and a half cats, but some do have name (here's a short list...): Mama cat, Squeaker, Fuzz, Lily, Socks, Whitey, Amanda & Andrea (yes, my mom named two of the sisters after my sister and I...)....there are seriously so many more that I can't even remember right now, someday I will take a picture of them all together.
~ Horses (eee!): Rumby, T, Angel, Beevy, Salem, and Sam.....granted these are all barn names, horses actually have a very fancy "real" name that goes on their papers, ie - Beevy's name is actually Fadhl's Fearless Rose.

This is where I go when I need to check out for a little bit, I get horrible cell service and spend a lot of time outside when I'm there.  I go out in the back fields on the 4wheeler and just stop thinking for a bit.  It is delightful when I need it.....

....And this.  This is my true home (and Elroy...haha).  This is the view from my couch in my apartment, usually with El on my lap in some fashion (for a cat, he sure is needy but more on that in his post later).  It has some of my favorite things ever in it.  All my pictures all over the walls, most of my books (yes, that is two full book shelves you can see there, and I've even gotten more since then!).  My antique mirror.  My cement elephant that is like a foot tall.  My Eiffel Tower obsession - I can think of like ten pieces of Eiffel Tower art/sculpture in my apartment right now.  My ivy plant that I have literally had since I was in high school, that plant has moved with me from my childhood home to the farm to my first apartment back to the farm and now is here with me!  And soooooo many more things!

This is my space, my home, my stuff and I love it way more than I loved my first apartment.  I honestly felt like I was meant to live here when I did my first walk thru and I am HIGHLY hesitant to ever move out if I don't have to.

(if anyone can tell me how to turn this, I'd be ever grateful!)

Soooooo, now when I say I'm on the farm, hopefully you will understand a little bit more! :)

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