Thursday, August 27, 2015

It just isn't fun anymore......

I have some serious confessions.  I hate swaps.  I used to love them, then I found the world of Instagram swaps....and I tried one.  I quickly got intimidated - I signed up anyway.  I put together a package, got the top of a mini done, basted it, picked out a gorgeous backing, quilted it as best I could on my little 301a, and then never sent the package.  I still have it all.  All the extras I bought, the mini that isn't bound, all of it.  I got so intimidated, but that isn't a good excuse.  I'm not trying to make it sound like one, but that is what it is.  As I looked back over my partners information and her instagram and blog, and I cried....and never sent the package.  The package I got?  I opened it, and then sealed it back up. 

Then I joined another swap....over a year later.  And the same thing happened.  The big crafty item is still about 90% done, the extras are bought and wrapped.....and the package is still sitting on the top of my fabric shelves. 

So, there's my confession.  There will be no more swaps, I can't take the pressure, I can't deal.  I'm out.  I know when to admit defeat, and I am defeated.

On that same note, sewing has become not fun for me, I've been dragging my feet on sewing bee blocks, they're slowly getting done, but actually sitting at my machine makes me cry more than it makes me happy.  It used to be so much a part of me, something I did like I breathed.  Now?  Now, for the moment, it feels like a job and that's not fun for me.  I will continue doing bee blocks, I will not be doing the bee next year though.  I also won't be involved with Columbus Modern Quilters next year either, probably.  I can't never on that one because I do love those girls and love the time I spend at the meetings being around like-minded people.  I have thought quite often about doing a small group here in Ross County just to still have that feeling but who knows.