Monday, November 25, 2013

My grandma.

My grandma is the best.  She taught me to sew, to quilt, to crochet, to knit, to embroider.  To do most things crafty.  Well, she got honored this year in the best way possible. But, let's back up a little...My grandma joined a quilt group.  They are the funniest little group of little old ladies and it seriously warms my heart that she's found this group!  Well, this little group chose her to be the main person getting honored during the Labor Day Festival in that town.  The festival was only open Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Labor day...and I had a show (more on that later!) all day Saturday and Sunday and was scheduled to work Monday at 1230.  I should add here that the town her group meets in is over an hour away from the farm.  Yes, I woke up super early, made it to her house for breakfast with her, my grandpa, and my aunt & uncle who came in from Maine, went to the show for a bit and then came back to work until 930 at night.  It was exhausting but so so so so worth it!!  Here are a few pics that I was able to snap.  I know there are more pictures somewhere with us in them but my uncle still has them.
This one made me cry.  Ok, let's be honest, the whole thing made me cry.  But this?  This quilt holds so many memories for me, being scared that I was losing my grandma to breast cancer the worst of those memories.

The hand quilting on the top quilt is stunning!  She hand quilts so the shear amount of hours put into this is mind blowing!  Each motif is marked by hand with a pencil and then quilted.  BY HAND haha

This caption cracks me up!  If anyone would just jump in head first, it would be my grandma!  Her love for hexies will never cease, I'm sure of it :)

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