Monday, February 25, 2013

Striped Infinity Scarf (aka, Camille's Birthday Scarf)

My ldb, Camille, just had a birthday last week and I of course had to make her something!!  This has actually been on my list to finish up (did you see that I added a new page up there?) and mail out...but of course, I missed her birthday by days.  That's just how I roll, always four days late to everything :) 
Seriously scrumptious yarn!  I love love love this yarn!!! 

Aw, isn't my bestie pretty?  She also drive the most bright yellow VW Bug I've ever seen.  She's a hoot! 

haha this is my ldb!  Go tell her that she's getting too skinny from running so much!!

Thankfully she sent me a couple of pictures so that I can share what it looked like when it was done, because, well, all I took were two closeups of the stitch I used haha, always the crafter!  If you would like one of these, please email me at the shop email  - -  and I will make a special listing in the shop for you since they aren't listed there right now.  The price they will be listed for is $35 and how about free shipping if you order before the first?  And don't forget, the 25% off coupon code is still active and will be on the special listing if you order before the first when I close the shop for the month of March.

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