Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ex-Boyfriends and babies.

So, I went to lunch with one of my friends the other day and was chatting away about my past relationships and how long it has been since I was technically in a relationship.  And?  Why it didn't work out/what the guy went on to do. 

Now, I'm still friends with lots of my exs, most of them actually, so I do know what they went on to do.  I know that, well, all of them went on to get married and have baby(ies).  All that conversation did was remind me that for some reason I wasn't good enough to have babies with.  Literally.  I have thought about this for days now.  DAYS.  Have you ever felt this way?  Like you couldn't figure out why you weren't good enough to have babies with someone?  Like what did you do to make that person/people not want to spend the rest of their lives with you?  Did they not realize that more than wanting kids, you're terrified that you can't have babies?  Just a lot to ponder & think about.


  1. Oh you shouldn't feel that way. I mean I know how hard it is not to feel that way-I've been there. Sometimes it's just not the right fit I guess... At least that is me being optimistic.

    I have felt this way many times, and it's always hard to still be single and watch the people in your past not be. I'm 26 and I worry about not being able to have babies too. :(

    I have to hope that we both have hope!


  2. well a, those boys are idiots. and b, of my ex bfs ending up marrying and having babies with the girls they started dating immediately after me. ugh.


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