Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Such is life.....

So, I wake up, reach for my glasses and they are not where I left the night before.  I don't get out of bed, I crawl around the edge looking over to see where they are so I don't step on them....I finally find them and put them on, but the world is still blurry.  I seriously was freaking out!  I thought something was wrong with my eye!!  Nope, Elroy has some how lost one of the lenses and I CAN'T find it!  I have torn my room apart and it is no where that I can see.  UGH!  I was already planning on putting my contacts in today but still!  If anyone would like to come help me search some more, that's be great!  haha

Yesterday I worked on a new product for the shop.  A sunglass case!  I'm tweaking it all a bit, the cover will be attached differently, the closure will be - well - centered haha, and I'm re-doing the fleece on the inside so things aren't quite as bulky but it is still safe for glasses.

Fabrics I'm currently playing with.  These will be adult double-sided headbands :)

Random funny picture....what happens when you're trying to get in the house carrying a ton of bags full of wickedly heavy fabric, your purse, your lunch (with a drink!) and your phone?  A totally random phone picture that you don't remember taking! 

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