Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sometimes I Just Want to Scream.

Today was....odd.  It started out great, with the exception of waking up at like 4 and the inability to go back to sleep until a decent hour.  I went out to the Farmer's Market - they have a craft fair on the first Saturday of the month and I'm thinking about submitting to have a booth at one of the months later in the summer.  Anyway, I perused the farmer's market and then ran over to JoAnn's until the mini flea'n'tique market opened.  All morning that I was out running around, I only spent some money to get a Wandering Jew plant and some fabrics from JoAnn's.  Not bad for me at all!  haha

This afternoon?  Well, I finally got a mini nap, but then as I was awake but still laying down my phone rang a bunch & I got a couple of texts.  It was J.  We haven't really talked for weeks - WEEKS - but all of a sudden he is calling and telling me that he is a few miles down the road and wants to come visit me.  We talked about a bunch of stuff.  A bunch.  Then he proceeded to let me know that he is pretty much ready to settle down, but that he doesn't want to quite yet.  Um.  Ok.  We, he and I, have a very good way of talking circles around each other.  We will say one thing about wanting to settle down or find someone to love, and then we will totally contradict that by saying something about how much we love being single.  Then, right before he left, he said something about how he could tell I was I seemed lonely.  This was after he stated earlier that he was lonely and was surprised he had been single for as long as he had been.  I just wanted to scream, "what the hell are we doing?"  But, I didn't.  Now I just want to text it to him....

But I won't.

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