Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let's get real.

Life isn't always book reviews & cute farm animals.  This week was an intense reminder of that fact.

Hay days are HELL on a farm.  You spend the first day running around fields opening and closing gates and making sure the grass is dry enough to not mold when it is cut, and making sure the ground is hard enough around the ponds so that the tractors don't sink and get stuck.  Hopefully you will have a four wheeler or some other vehicle to get you around when you live on 17 acres.  That is, unless you break that four wheeler.  Then you spend an hour trying to fix it before your dad gets home.  And you try to fix it while you're crying from stress & anxiety about life in general and this four wheeler has some how become the manifestation of all your issues that you're trying to deal with at the time. 

That week when your work schedule changes FOUR times.  Yeah, that isn't a fun week.

That same week you get called to house sit the day before you're due to be there.  That weekend away will be your third weekend haven't spent longer than four nights in a row in your bed in almost a month.  (don't take your bed for granted people!!)

Those days when all you want is to work on your store or shop but you spend days, evenings, and nights working on items for everyone else under the sun.  Gifts are great until they become a chore, then you should step away from them.  Oh, and that fun store stuff that you want to work on....make sure that doesn't feel like the chore. 

I just kinda hit a wall today.  Well, this whole damn week.  I'm just kind of done with a lot of things. 

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  1. wellllli love you! and you may have a treat coming your way sometime soon......


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