Thursday, May 3, 2012


(I know Usher just popped into your head, right?  haha)

I forgot Bookworm Wednesday.  Again.  oops.  I promise to be better next week.

I've been home since Monday and still haven't unpacked.  Oh well.

I have spent entirely wayyyy too much money on Etsy in the past two days.  I just can't pass up great deals on fabric and I also may be shopping for Christmas already.

My trip was definitely inspiring in so many ways.  But, since we're being honest, my biggest fear is that now that we've met in person, I'm afraid that my ldb won't be friends with me anymore.  I know this sounds incredibly silly, but I'm an insanely insecure person that just wants people to like me haha

I finally broke down and bought some books on how to make bags.  It is officially time to expand Scarlett Key into more sewn items.  And I couldn't be more excited. 

I think I hit a good stride at work, I've made peace with just about everyone and I am comfortable there now.  I think.... ;)

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