Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday DIY - Wreath Ornament

How adorable are these?  And they are super easy and quick to make!!!

I've seen this little project in a few different places, but you know when I craft I always end up putting my own spin on it. I love these little decorated wreaths for present toppers and you can tie them around things like cookie bags for the recipient to keep as ornaments. 

  1. Take a mini wreath form (I found mine at Michael's for about 50 cents), pretty yarn or ribbon, personalizing elements (I used mini rolled fabric flowers), and hot glue (but you could also use Fabric Tack or something similar)
  2. Start wrapping your yarn/ribbon around the wreath, make sure to cover all of the form by winding it close together. Secure the beginning and ending piece with a dab of hot glue.
  3. Place your embellishments where you want around the wreath. This is the totally fun part for me because I can get as creative as I want to!
  4. Cut a piece of yarn or ribbon for a hanger. If you've placed your embellishment so that it sits a little to one side then you will most likely have to place a dab of glue on the back of the hanger so that it will hang at the angle you want it to.

And, voila, you're done! How adorable is this? And there is so much potential for making this all year round for different holidays and seasons!  I also took one of the wreaths and just popped a fabric flower on the edge, I like that it ended up looking like a little nest snuggled in the wreath!!  They're so cute hanging on my very un-decorated tree right now!

Link up in the comments if you make some!  I loooove to see what you come up with!

Edit 10/15/2012 - I'm making these for a bazaar at the end of this month and am using shower rings instead of wreath forms for the completely covered ones.  Just thought I would share :)

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