Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Adventures

Sunday mornings are my favorite.  For some reason I almost always naturally wake up a bit earlier on Sunday mornings (I guess it is a throwback to my childhood & those early Methodist church sermons?)....El loves it because the first thing I do every morning is feed him.  Then I get dressed and head out to at least get a newspaper (I'm a coupon whore!) but I can also grab breakfast, or run errands, or shop, or whatever.  Usually when my lovie (aka my best friend, aka my bestie, aka Allicen) and I meet up, it is on a Sunday morning (or early afternoon now that she's pregnant).  Generally, I just feel really productive on Sundays.
So far, this Sunday morning has included wearing my (fake) fur lined Sketchers for the first time of the season (it was like 36 degrees this morning!!), wearing a bright pink scarf & a thermal & my favorite sunglasses, wearing no makeup & second-day hair, and eating a McDonalds hashbrown the ONLY way I eat hashbrowns--with a full-on layer of Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce!

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