Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday!

Welcome to my first Bookworm Wednesday that is an eBook edition! My ldb (long-distance bestie) Camille was getting rid of her Nook, so I worked out a quick deal with her and snatched it right up since I've been looking for one for ages!!! (Thanks, Camille! You're the best!! <3 )

Lady in the Mist is the first book that I'm reading all on my Nook. It is one of those random romances that I can totally not think while reading it....which right now is a God send to me. It is set shortly after the Revolutionary War when England and America weren't quite the best of friends. Tabitha is a midwife that is going through a lot – the quality of her work in in question after losing a patient, she's falling in love with an indentured servant (from England!), and the guy she was engaged to, who disappeared shortly before their wedding has come back and is messing with her head. There is a bit of spying involved on both sides that makes this book a little different from most romances. I'm almost done with it and really do love it!

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  1. i'm glad you're getting use out of it! of course it's been 80 degrees since i got my scarf, so ik can't wear it anywhere but my house :( have a good day tomorrow!


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