Monday, October 10, 2011

Elroy update, day 6

Saturday evening El ate some more food, drank the tiniest bit of water, and I slept on the couch with him.  Sunday he drank early, and ate some dry food three different times (I even kept track of how many pieces via Twitter!).  Sunday evening I offered him some food out of a new can....he ate most of it then walked away and went back after a few minutes.  Later, I heard his tummy rumble.  Even though I was worried, I slept in my room instead of on the couch.  He slept with me just fine.  My sister called at like 8-ish this (Monday) morning to go into depth about his test results which all came back fine.  I went back to sleep, and when I finally woke up again around 930 I realized El wasn't clamoring for food.  First thought?  Are we seriously going through this again?!?!?!  I had just told me sister that he was eating fine!!!!!  I moved to the living room after getting dressed and put some food in his bowl in a way that I would notice if he ate any.  Now, we're at 730 in the evening:

~has not eaten any food
~has not drank any water since *early* this morning
~doesn't play with me
~hacked up a hairball (and proceeded to actually cry afterwards!  Broke my heart!!!!!)
~he does walk around if I'm walking around.  And if I'm in the kitchen, he will meow like he's hungry but won't eat.

Basically, he's slept & laid in the window just about the whole day.  I have a feeling we will be making another trip to the vet tomorrow. :(  I feel so bd I've accomplished nothing for days.  DAYS!  I have a few things that have to be done that aren't getting done.  So, if you're expecting anything from me at all, it may take a little while....

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  1. ughhh so frustrating :( i really really hope he feels well soon, we're all sending positive vibes and prayers ya'll's way!


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