Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.19?)

Gosh, I really need to keep better track of these version numbers! Ha!

Phillippa Gregory is an author that writes some of my favorite historical fiction.  It is a genre that I love and she's, in my opinion, one of the better writes in it because she writes in a way that feels like she's a friend telling you a story.  I found her via The Other Boleyn Girl and have since devoured everything I could find!  I haven't read this one quite yet since it is a newer purchase but the back description includes: 1920's music halls, finding yourself after deep hardships, and romance.  Yep, just about everything I like!  Haha. I'm really excited to get into it but I have a couple other books I'm in the middle of first.

(In other bestie needs warm wishes tomorrow around 7am and I need warm wishes Monday around 10am -- mine is for an assessment test/interview for a job I really want, and I had a dream last night the guy interviewing me was wearing jeans and asked me things like what's my favorite picture saved to my phone right now [a pic of B and me was my answer!].  Then he asked to see it.  Yep, I'm kinda freaking out!)

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  1. girl that is t hmost random dream ever! and txt me in the am when you get a chance...eeeeeeeee!


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