Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (V.17)

Soooo.... I missed two weeks?  Did you miss this?  Also, I looked it up, I had two v.15's so now we're on v.17!  Haha I'm kinda a mess these days, sorry!

Embroidered Effects is a book that I've wanted for a while but I've found that when it comes to crafts books, I do better when I can see them for a while before I buy them so that I feel better about spending the ridic amount of money that they usually go for.  Anyway....this book is DEFINITELY on my buy list now that I've had this copy from my library!  It has easy to understand instructions -- and in modern day terms, this book wasn't written in the 50's!  And the additional patterns?  LOVE!  There are...oh....all of them that I want to do!  If you want to learn embroidery, this book is great with the history & background that it also supplies....and since I'm a girl that likes to know the history about stuff I especially loved this fact.  It covers everything from needles to fabric to how to get your pattern where you want it...and how to embroider different mediums!  Did you ever think of printing a picture on fabric and then stitching over it?  I didn't but I want to do it now!

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