Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let me set the scene....

This kinda nervous, kinda shy, doesn't really know what she's doing or where she is going girl walks into a room full of women that are so certain in what they're doing that she almost walks out.  Thankfully, though, someone realizes the nerves and offers help and a smile.  And we all know how welcoming that is!  The nervous girl fills out her paperwork, leaves her stuff and walks out of the building with hope and a prayer.

Yep, I was that girl today when I dropped off my submissions for the fair.  I'm honestly more nervous that my crafty babies are in the hands of someone that I don't know and I'm not sure how they're being handled.  I am fully expecting not to win anything at all so I'm totally not nervous about that part!  On the way there, I looked at mom and said, "Why in the hell am I even entering?  You know that I'm not going to win!"  Her response?  "To be able to say that you've done it."  I love my mom.  :)

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  1. i'm so proud of you!!!!! finally everyone can see how amazing you are!


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