Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday (vol.12)

Wow....I hope this really is vol.12!  Haha since I'm posting from my phone I have no idea!  Ha!

I thought I'd share some of my knitting-related fiction books....not surprisingly, I've yet to find some crochet-related fiction - if you know of any, let me know!

Friday Night Knitting Club is about just that: a knitting club that meets on Fridays!  These girls rely on each other in ways that I rely on my friends.  They gab about guys, family drama, and knitting of course!  The best part of this book?  All the knitting & life tips these gals share are for real!  And they're all over the book! 

Knit The Season is another Friday Night Knitting Club picks right up with the same girls dealing with the same issues we all deal with...and there's more tips in this one!  I like that these books can stand by don't have to read them in a certain order.  I really adore the fact that the author of the fiction books has put out a real pattern book so you can knit along with the gals in the books!  How cool is that?

Sweater Quest is quite humorous and I literally gobbled it up in about a day.  If you don't knit you may not know about fair isle knitting but it is a form of knitting that creates a gorgeous design in the finished product.  Well Alice Starmore has created some of the *most beautiful* patterns in this style of knitting.  I mean, they're insanely gorgeous!  And as much as I want to try one, it will be many many many moons until I will even contemplate doing it.  Well, back to the book, the author goes on a quest to hunt down the pattern (the books have been discontinued to the point of paying big $$ for them on eBay) and similar yarn colors (again, long ago discontinued....) so that she can make her own Mary Tudor, one of Ms. Starmore's designs.  She has packed the book with lots of information that I never even wanted to know until I got into this book! 

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