Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday! (v.10)

Books turned into movies....movies turned into books.  I get why Hollywood & publishers get together on things, I really do, but they need to stay true to the story and they don't always do that....

Evening is a book that I haven't read yet, and a movie that I own but haven't watched yet!  Oops!  The back of this book describes it as being a book about memories and the love that is in them....Ann is near death and looking back on her life and loves while a whirlwind of grown children, doctors, and friends swirls around her.  I've heard the book is great and that the movie is great, they are both high on my list to read and watch so I will have to let you know how similar they are....

Now Gone with the Wind holds a very dear place in my heart.  I watched the movie first, and then I watched it again.  There is just something about Scarlet O'Hara that resonated with me.  This is also one of my Grandma Mary's favorite movies, so the fact that I watched it the first time with her and fell in love with it as much as she loves it, makes it super special to me.  A year or two later, and many viewings of the film later, I finally read the book.  I was shocked at the blatant differences between the two, they are completely separate stories....and I love them both....separately and for different reasons.  GWTW is about a girl that grows up through loves, war, loss, everything.  This person that you want to hate and see her fail because of the things she has done is a person that you end up loving and rooting for in the end.  I can't reccommend this book more if you love epic love stories because this book has one of the most epic love stories I've ever read.  I'm not gonna lie, I love me some Rhett Butler and I may or may not compare guys to Clark Gable.  ;)

I'm going to focus on just Jane Eyre out of this collection (sorry!  I don't have a separate book for this one, but I adore all these books!!  I think they should be read by everyone!!)....This is another epic love story that I adore.  I'm a sucker for love stories that involve falling in love with a bad guy and realizing how great he really is underneath the rough exterior.  I've tried watching many of the movies based off this story but I just can't get into them like I got consumed into the book -- they didn't match what I had in my head of what the story should look like.  Charlotte Bronte was so great at putting words on to paper that put you into the story, I could feel like I was there, like I could smell the smoke of the fire, like I was sitting by the road waiting, like I was a little girl being inspected in front of my headmistress.  I was there, I went through those things with Jane.  Now, I haven't tried watching the newest version that came out of this movie, but I want to....I will wait until it is on HBO or something though just in case I don't like it either.

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