Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well, hello funk. Welcome home.

Oh my.  Today is just not my day.  This year is just not my year.  I know that I will *never* be handed something in life if I can't handle it.  There is someone looking down and they are helping me in the direction my life should be going though it is not always the way I want it to go.  I know that all the difficult situations are just there to make me stronger and more appreciative of the other situations. 

With that said...

Dear God/Allah/Buddah/whomever is up there: I could use a break.  I need to not have phone calls that end in yelling.  I need to not have family members that act so childish and selfish and silly I don't want to call them family.  I need a break.  Love, Andrea.


  1. i luh you i luh you i luh you. you can handle it. just think of how amazing next year will seem compared to this one!

  2. *hugs* I know you don't know me very well, but if you need a friend I'm here! I am sending good energies in hopes that it picks up and live turns out to be beautiful for you tomorrow. :)

  3. Your 2011 sounds like my 2010. I'm here to tell ya that next year WILL be 100x better after you get through all this junk! Hugs & love sent your way, and as always lots of positive vibes. Keep your head up lady!


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