Monday, April 4, 2011

Love me, love my babies....but Cody is my #1

My love.  My heart.  Where he is will always be my home.  Yes, I'm kinda in love with him, but he's been the constant in my life for almost 11 years (holy monkeys!).

Cody goes by many nicknames in my family, including: Cody-butt, Code, Toady, Bubby, and so many more that I can't even think of right now....

We got him when he was just 6 weeks old, and that's when that picture was taken.  I remember I was working the day my mom brought him home.  There was a pool down the street from our home that I grew up in and all three of us kids worked at it one time or another but I worked there each summer from 14 to 18.  The day he came to us my brother and I were both working and my mom and sister had gone to a horse show.  Well, apparently my sister saw a huge box of puppies for sale, and being the puppy loving people that we are, of course she went to pick one up.  Also, being the savers that we are, she of course, went to the runt first.  Well, Jack Russell puppies (and dogs for that matter) are very wiggly and kind of all over the place.  Cody wriggled out of my sister's hands and he fell about three-ish feet....on to his face....and broke both his top and bottom jaws right under his nose.  At that point, the lady said that they had to *buy* him, well, since they didn't have the full $350 to pay for him with them, they gave what they had (roughly $100 in cash) and brought the broken goods home.

Instead of going right home, they brought Cody to the pool and the moment I will hopefully never forget happened....Trevor and I were sitting on the long red bench just outside the building doors watching the pool during a break (all the kids were out of the pool so we really were not watching too terribly much...) when mom and Amanda came walking in and around the corner.  My mom walked in first, my sister just behind her holding a little balled up towel close to her chest.  She handed me that towel and my heart was gone....a little wet, black nose poked through and my heart flew right out of my chest.  He could fit in the palms of my hands as you can kind of see in the picture.

We have had our ups and downs as most Jack owners do.  He has arthritis in his front paws when he jumped out of a second story bedroom window.  His teeth are kinda wonky from the broken jaw thing.  He is allergic to grass/hay/etc but loves being outdoors (he lives on Benadryl allllllll summer long).  His nails, well, some of them are white and some are black -- the black ones are the ones he has managed to rip out and they've grown back black.  He gets horrendous car sickness so he is pretty much farm bound for the rest of his life. 

And now, well now come the **adorable** pictures of my love!

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  1. he's adorable! his little black nose, aww! :)


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